12 July 2005

What do you want from me?!

Sometimes I feel like yelling: What do you want from me? when friends I haven't spoken to in a while ask what I've been up to, waiting for some list of accomplishments or significant life changes that were supposed to occur in the interim. The answer is simple because the question is really: What do I want from myself? To make better use of my potential, to take steps that will improve my life, make me happier, and lead to fulfillment. To evolve into a better version of myself.

Deuparth gwaith ei ddechrau.

It's a Welsh proverb that comes to mind: "Beginning is two-thirds of the work." For now, there's nothing specific I care enough about to get started. Clarity exists in things I do not want to do; imagining a career to pursue and stick with for 30, 10, even 5 years is a complete muddle. While trying to make The Right Choice, I've become paralyzed with indecision.

It's like this for many people though I'm finding in my reading of late, and that coupled with the idea that things will get easier once I begin, makes me feel better.

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