12 June 2005

It was not there (note preceding post)

But then the box wasn't actually the one I thought it was, so there was lots of stuff that wasn't in it. There are other boxes in a stack there, but I was too irritated to continue just then. I know where the letter used to be: on the second shelf from the top of a bookcase in my bedroom 10 years ago. I left it at my parents' house thinking it would be safer there. When I moved to Florida for grad school, I took all my bookcases with me. I thought I put the letter in one of the drawers beneath my bed with other saved correspondence.

It was only last year that my parents finally got rid of the bed so that my mom could make the room hers. (For years, she'd complained about not having her own space in the house while my room sat unoccupied.) A few months ago, I looked through the boxes of stuff from those drawers, but it wasn't there amidst the other letters, notebooks, toys, and old awards. My old room still has some things of mine in it but has been overwhelmed with additional clutter. I don't believe it's in there loose anywhere, but it's very difficult to be sure.

The upshot of my frustration, however, is that I worked out for the first time in several days.

Time: 30 minutes on the bike plus cool-down stretching

Viewing: the ends of both Pretty in Pink and Good Will Hunting intermingled. Always up for a dose of OMD.

And since I nearly closed this tab by mistake while getting those links, I'm calling it quits here.

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