21 June 2005

The Caped Crusader

Well, if you were only ever going to see one Batman movie, Batman Begins should be it. The visuals are beautiful, the name actors do not detract from the story, and for once the plot is as important as the special effects.

The lever in the batmobile reminded me of the one I had when I was little. It was a sort of Big Wheel batmobile, purple with yellow trim, but designed so you'd lean back more than in a standard Big Wheel; instead of a steering wheel it had two levers you would pull to go left or right; it was awesome.


  1. Was it the purple equivalent of this? I never had one but thought they were really cool... Nice logo, btw.

  2. Thanks, and no, my batmobile wasn't so sleek as that. I dig some more digging on the net, but still couldn't find a picture of it. On mine, the levers were yellow plastic, one on either side of you when you sat in it. You would pull the left lever up to turn left, e.g. It also had a more rectangular base to it.