26 June 2005

Another Sunday of Classys

With the 'net I could scan the local listings everyday, but that's just too much effort wasted on ads for jobs I'm not qualified for or have no interest in. The rest are mainly office jobs with no benefits that just won't pay enough. The catch is not knowing what I want to do clearly enough to pursue it in a more fruitful manner (aside from winning the lottery of course). The other catch is not wanting to do the jobs I've already had nor much of anything related to my degrees. That's not entirely true, but for the sake of feasibility let's say it is.

I need to psych myself up for change, but it's difficult because there is no change I need to make that I can achieve in small increments, and any single large change will set off an avalanche of others. I doubt I'll ever be truly ready for it, but I wonder when I'll just get up and do it.

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