16 April 2020

Two Weeks

So I've been self-isolating after I felt someone's moist breath on my eyeball a couple of weeks ago. To do my best to take care of myself, I stopped eating sugar. Well, junk food, chocolate, sugary treats, that sort of thing. (I know sugar gets added to most everything these days, I didn't obsess over that.)

Two weeks later, I feel as well as I did before, so huzzah probably no coronavirus!

However, I did expect to feel some quantifiable improvement from my sugar hiatus. Better sleep or more energy, for instance. But no, in no way I can discern do I feel healthier for having abstained. Even my weight is in the same range it usually is.

So I'll just assume it was helpful deep on the inside somehow, but today there shall be freshly baked dark chocolate chip cookies!

10 years ago on TTaT: Life of Art SitRep #10

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