26 January 2006

Either I've still got it, or I should be insulted

I was approaching the doors that lead from the galleries to the front lobby when a man entered, saw me and stopped. He had the air of someone who worked at the museum, but the same dated sticker I was sporting was affixed to his sweater.

"Are the others coming?" he asked me.

I surmised that he was referring to the busload of high school students I'd seen walking around, but I was stuck for a moment pondering how to reply.

Finally I said, "I'm not one of them."

"Oh, I'm sorry."


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  1. Has anyone asked you to the prom yet?

  2. Maybe he thought you were a teacher?

  3. Neil: That's hilarious if you've read my actual prom sagas:

    In any case, I think teens are able to distinguish themselves from the old folk without much trouble.

    JP: It crossed my mind, but then I thought if we were both teachers, wouldn't he know me? It was only one busload of kids. Besides, I think he would've phrased his question differently... the way he said 'the others' made it seem like the others in the group to which I belonged.

  4. A compliment or a come-on? If not, pure ignorance ;)