24 October 2017

Adventures in Shaving

When I picked up my razor, I somehow managed to knock the double-bladed cartridge head loose. Naturally it fell into the tub.


I set the handle back down and went to pick up the cartridge head when I saw it slip down the drain.


For a moment, I debated my next course of action. Skip shaving? It really didn't matter, but my leg was already lathered up, so I felt committed to following through.

I set the water flow as low as I could on the shower head and stepped out of the tub to get my last razor cartridge, trying to constrain my dripping to the bathmat.

Not that I really believe in such things, but I took it as a sign from the universe to shave with a fresh blade. No nicks, so I'll take it.

After I got out of the shower, I tried to retrieve the fallen cartridge. It had advanced beyond the part of the drain I could reach, but was later retrieved with a strong magnet at the end of an extending rod, huzzah!

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