04 July 2017

Making Mölkky History

"Come on, it's time for Mölkky," Mom yelled. "It's a holiday."

Mölkky is a Finnish lawn game in which you throw a rod at numbered pins to knock them over until your score is exactly 50. Players rotate keeping score. If you go over 50, your score is bounced back to 25. If you completely miss all the pins three times in a row, you are out of the game and have to keep score for the rest of it.

"I'll be down in a couple minutes," I replied, closing up some things I'd been working on.

My right wrist had been hurting since I got up, so I figured I could play left-handed. Couldn't be worse than one of the last games I played where I bombed out immediately by missing all the pins in my first three throws. Actually, there is no worse game than that.

Miraculously, I won the first game. Left-handed! Against two right-handed players playing right-handed.

I lost the second game and eventually bombed out of the third leaving me to keep score. Again, left-handed.

I should've quit while I was ahead, but my takeaway is still: I won a game left-handed!

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