23 June 2017

Life of Art SitRep #384 More Gift Bags & Favor Boxes

Started the week off with a trip to a museum to see a guitar exhibit. It's always fun when you can photograph inside museums even if it's dark and the results aren't great. Shot 104 photographs and 8 videos. Culled 2 videos, 33 photos, rated rest.

Also shot 10 thunderstorm videos. Culled 6, rated rest.

Expanded my lines of Gift Bags, Tent Favor Boxes, and Gable Favor Boxes a bit further:

If there's a design at Rocklawn Arts you'd like on a gift bag or favor box that isn't, just let me know and I'd be happy to make it for you.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Gift Bags at Rocklawn Arts! and New Favor Boxes at Rocklawn Arts! (latter posts next Tuesday).

Updated some wrapping collections to include items above.

Learned that collections now need a minimum of 7 items to be viewed on product pages, so I created another Rainbow Bullseye shirt for the Geometric Rainbow Pattern LGBT Pride T-shirts collection.

How was your week?

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