02 June 2017

Life of Art SitRep #381 Soaking In Art

Over the holiday weekend, I went to an art museum's opening of its expanded campus. Music, food, performances, cool art and architecture. Good times. I'll have to go back to soak more of it in.

While there, I shot 203 photographs and 13 videos. Culled 74 photos, rated the rest.

Selected a photograph for my shop and am just about done editing it. Going to take a fresh look at it tomorrow before I call it done.

Rocklawn Arts blogged Get Ready To Celebrate Your LGBTQ Pride.

Watched Going Mainstream & When to Upgrade Camera Gear | Daily Creative by Chase Jarvis.

Updated LOA file for end of month.

How was your week?

12 years ago on TTaT: Day 2- Umbros

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