30 October 2015

Life of Art SitRep #299 Abridged

Hola, gentle readers! Mostly behind the scenes efforts again this week. A bit derailed switching to another computer and figuring out which files will open and which won't and what I need to go back and export.

Shot 97 photographs.

Uploaded 10 media files (product photos) to my store.

Made Christmas Wreath with Monogram Holiday Party Plate Porcelain Plate (added monogram), also updated sticker with monogram.

Remade Underwear Out To Dry card to fix an issue.

Added coordinating links for gift wrap, ribbon, tissue paper, stickers to descriptions for Black Quadrilateral Stripes on White with Monogram, Red and Green Gingham Pattern, and Geometric Christmas Wreath.

Added coordinating links for cards, stamps, return address lablels, stickers to descriptions for Geometric Christmas Wreath.

Watched Zazzle Chat - "Designing for New Holiday Products".

Finished reading Popular Photography June 2015 issue.

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