02 October 2014

Random Act

After dinner out with my parents, my dad drove into a small parking lot with a few stores to turn around. Remembering the ATM on its corner, he said, "I can get money," and then asked my mom, "How much do you want?"

She answered and in jest, I said, "I'll take twenty."

I wondered for a brief moment if he'd indulge me but remembered I can rarely get him to stake a whole dollar for a bet.

He got out and Mom and I chatted while we waited.

After a few minutes, Dad got back into the car and handed Mom some bills. Then he pulled out his wallet to put his money away. I was about to tease him that he'd forgotten my money when Mom reached back to me with a twenty in hand.

"Oh," I said, "You don't have to do that."

Mom said, "I think sometimes you should be able to make an idle wish and have it come true."

Love you, Mama.

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