02 October 2011

Another one, eh?

So this is what 38 looks like.

Meant to post something closer to my birthday a couple weeks ago, but, like most of this year, I've been preoccupied.

Nonetheless, here I am out for a round of birthday miniature golf. Despite vastly overestimating my golf prowess, I had a good time outside on a lovely day.

A year ago on TTaT: Just my luck


  1. What a smooth mini golfer you are! Love the hat. Happy belated b-day!

  2. Welcome to 38! It's been pretty okay to me so far. Hope it is good to you. :-)

  3. Cheryl: Well, I do like a good fuzzy hoodie. ;) And, thanks!

    Sizzle: Thanks, glad to be in good company! The way 2011's been going so far, I'm definitely ready for a reset. Here's to 38!