28 December 2010

57. Bridgman's Book of 100 Hands

57. Bridgman's Book of 100 Hands by George B. Bridgman (4/5)

p.27 Bridgman's Book of 100 Hands

It's a great reference for drawing hands, but it's not a "how to" book. Instead he describes and illustrates bone structure, muscles, and tendons along with all manner of drawn hands in all sorts of positions. If you're good at replicating something you're looking at, then this book will be very helpful. If you want a step by step, draw this sequence of steps to create a hand, this is not the book for you.

I drew several of Bridgman's hands, the rest of which you can check out here to get a feel for the drawings in the book.

Though it's Bridgman's Book of 100 Hands, my copy says it has 484 illustrations, various views of those 100 hands one presumes.

First time I've posted on this day in the history of TTaT, w00t!

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