25 October 2010

My first calendar, huzzah!

Creating this calendar was more involved than I anticipated, but I'm so excited to have finished it. Labor of love done FTW!

So, why am I telling you about it now instead of on Friday? Well, aside from my pride and happy happy joy joy in my creation, there's a calendar sale on this week.

Get 30% off calendars until October 31st at 4:00pm PT with code: 2011CALENDAR

Enjoy a cool, unusual photograph each month with the Rocklawn Arts Black & White Photography Calendar for 2011. The art photos include a mix of architectural details, urban life, and nature. Each photo has a white border, so when you're done with the calendar you can cut it apart and frame or hang the photos without mattes if you like. It's a great deal for 12 original pieces of fine art for your walls.

W00t! :)

UPDATE: I'm in the process of adding more calendars to my shop; they can be found here.

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