08 October 2010

Life of Art SitRep #35 Window washing counts too, yes?

Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the journey, full of zigs and zags that are collectively, thankfully, progress.

Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I cheer you on.)
This week, I
  • Shot 31 photographs. Fall leaves, supersweet 100 tomatoes with actual raindrops.
  • FB'd, Tweeted Columbus Day sale:
    14.92% off *everything* in my shop this weekend. All manner of products (cards, sneakers, ties, binders, posters, and more) with cool photographs upon them.

    Use code: 1492COLUMBUS

    Offer is valid through October 11, 2010 at 11:59pm PT.
  • Worked on Two Chairs Buried In Snow photograph. Finished and uploaded it to zazzle. Wrote product description and created a line of Two Chairs Buried In Snow products:
    Two Chairs Buried In Snow card
    Two Chairs Buried In Snow by RocklawnArts
    Create your own greeting card on zazzle.com

    I know it’s early for winter, but if you need a cool non-religious card, you know where to go. This one says, “Have a lovely winter interlude!” inside. You can change it to any greeting you’d like though. I’m cool with that. :)

    Bonus fact: my dad and I built the chairs in the photograph.
  • Discovered problem with labels made with Quick Create. "Personalize it" box didn't show up in sidebar. Searched for an answer with no luck, so I posted my question to the forum. Received an answer to prevent the problem in future and fixed the current occurrences of it, so the easy to use template box shows up in the sidebar.
  • Tweeted, FB'd Two Chairs Buried In Snow links.
  • Published Rocklawn Arts showcase lens on squidoo. Set earnings to Room to Read charity for now.
  • Read on forums about blogger blogs used for promotion getting frozen/deleted without notice. Paranoid, so switching my Rocklawn Arts blog to zblogs and going less link heavy with my life of art posts.
  • Claimed rocklawnarts zblog.
  • Worked on Rocklawn Arts zblog. Wrote 1 post for Two Chairs Buried In Snow and worked on layout. Argh, wordpress with its new learning curve. Line breaks don't behave as expected even when coded in html. Anyone have a suggestion or know a trick for adding line breaks?
  • Added Rocklawn Arts zblog to twitterfeed.
  • Submitted Rocklawn Arts zazzle store links/product info to 4 forum threads, 4 squidoo lenses for 1 of them.
  • Finished working on Snow-covered treetop photograph. No go, too much noise.
  • Watched Chase Jarvis Live Photo & Video Workflow and Backup video.
  • Spun up old video drive, files seem OK. Can view on new computer. Need to backup!
  • Finished reading July Popular Photography.
  • Read 1000 Dollar Phone call workbook and 10000 dollar hour workbook.
  • Answered Rose's email. Checked her blog posts, how my banner looks on her blog. Sent her a different text intro for 2 posts but otherwise, looks great. Got her reply and thanked her for changing it where she could.
  • Tweeted card and 4 hr bag sales.


How are your pursuits going?

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