29 October 2008


The cute and for that matter only boy at the library addressed me by name for the first time yesterday, and not just once. It was before I handed him my card, so I knew he actually knew it. I've been in numerous times to pick stuff up since he started working at the beginning of summer, so it's about frakkin' time.

When I said, "I think I've got the trifecta to pick up today," he grinned and said "Great use of 'trifecta.'"

Of course, I blanked on what his name was. We've never been formally introduced. He's scanned my card and seen my name as well as heard co-workers address me at least a dozen times. Despite the fact that the library finally has staff wearing name tags, he never wears one. Based on two or three instances of hearing him referred to, I'm reasonably certain his name is Nick. This even occurred to me before our exchange was done, but I wasn't certain enough to try it out.

I just need to say, "Nick, right?" next time.

He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt with some sort of graphic, and a hoodie. Guys have always gotten away with slack attire there; having worked there a million years ago, I was jealous, and incidentally wearing the same thing plus a jacket.

He's probably at least ten years younger than I am and he works with my mom's best friend and a couple of other women I know there, so it's probably best if he just stays the cute boy at the library.

Still, it's nice that he finally knows my name.

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