29 October 2006

Pinky pain

With every bend today, my right pinky joint has proclaimed that it's winter. We did, in fact, get our first snow of the season today though nothing stuck to the ground. Mostly it's very windy.

I have a recent escapade in progress, but it definitely needs more work because I was grogged and very tangential when I started writing it. With the time change (and the odd fact that I seem to be doing things an hour later, which is actually 2 hours later) I'm not feeling particularly clear-headed today. Soon though.

And then there's the pink pain of my blog. Only two more days!

Enough typing. Ow.

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  1. I'm happy November is here and the pink is gone.. ;)

  2. So am I! I switched it over not long after midnight because I couldn't take it anymore.

    I've got more adjustments to make to rest of the template, but they'll probably occur in dribs and drabs. The background shift had to happen even though I haven't decided about the rest. :)