19 February 2008

Once upon a time in New Mexico

Long overdue for posting some photos, I glanced through my digitized collection and saw nothing that felt worthwhile that I hadn't already posted. It was time to go to the boxes. Boxes full of unscanned prints.

I flipped through a dozen or so photo envelopes from a New Mexico vacation and pulled out two. That they were labeled down to the day according to a system I adopted seven years after I'd taken those shots filled me with a sort of happiness that could only be felt by a perfectionist.

Please enjoy these photographs of the Martinez Hacienda* in Taos, NM from October 21, 1992.

Hacienda pottery
Hacienda ladder
Drying peppers
*According to their site, technically the museum is called La Hacienda de los Martinez.

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  1. You took those? They're great! I love the bowls and the ladder.

  2. I did, thanks! There's rarely a shot on TTaT I haven't taken.