22 December 2007

Bowties: not so tough

Turns out tying a bowtie is very much like tying your shoes, except with wider fabric that has oddly shaped ends.

Snoopy's bowtie
Snoopy's bowtie for his tuxedo was missing, so I bought some ribbon. Now tying a bowtie that small and cutting it to the precise length needed is a bit challenging. The tie is a little hard to see in the photo as I opted for white tie formal and its ends don't flare out since the ribbon was all one width, but I think it turned out pretty well. I just have to keep myself from fiddling with it anymore in the pursuit of perfection.

(On another note, it figures I'd start to get my blog mojo back just as everyone's unplugging for the holidays. And on another note: Joyeux Noel, Elisabeth, lover of Peanuts!)

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  1. Ahhhh.... I smiled - a HUGE SMILE - when I saw Snoopy in his tux (I am insanely jealous of you for having him!), and then smiled again when I saw your special Christmas greetings and link to my blog and the Peanuts website!

    I will have a little entry that involves The Peanuts a bit after Christmas (I am waiting for an item that is arriving through the mail sometime soon before I can write and post it.)

    Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas, and may 2008 bring you its very finest!

  2. Dan: Good to know I haven't lost all my readers in recent low posting weeks.

    Elisabeth: I never cared for dolls as a kid, but I loved Snoopy and collected as many outfits for him as I could find. After xmas, I think he may put on his ski racing outfit. :)

    I look forward to your Peanuts entry.

  3. Wow, Snoopy looks so dashing! Where was he off to?

  4. No place special. You know how some folks like to get all snazzy from time to time.

    Not me, of course...