01 January 2006

Wring in the new year

The crick I've had in my neck all last week went all severe on me last night and totally kills today. 2006 is going to up from here, right? Argh.

Even dosing advil and a heat pad on it all day have not loosened it up. I think the only thing to do is go watch more world's strongest man qualifying competitions on espn (seriously, it's got to be the best sports tv one can watch).


  1. I *love* those shows! I also like the Scandanavian-only version, where they have them do things like toss around these giant, iron "Dala Horses" and pull sledges full of kids through the snow.

    If only my back was up to dragging a truck down a street...

  2. Wow, that sounds cool. And it's funny you mention the truck, cuz when I was watching it yesterday, part of me felt like yeah, that's doable. But then I'd watch one of the log lifts and think I'd never lift it, but maybe I could roll it over with a great deal of effort.