13 January 2006

Cell spam

I turned on my cell and had two text messages waiting:

"That was my sis"

I looked at the phone number of origin and decided it wasn't familiar. My phone started vibrating again. I clicked the bar to answer, but it was another text message from the same number.

"I want u bad"

Am I supposed to swoon now? I have a prepaid phone deal at the moment, so I'm really not sure how text messages factor into that, and porn text messages are the last thing I need.

I typed the number into google, but nothing came up. What the hell, I figured. I punched it in and called it.

A kid answered the phone, and I realized I wasn't sure what to say.

"Hi. Did someone just text message from this number?"

"What?" the boy asked. 12 was the age that came to mind, but he might've been as old as 15 from the sound of his voice. He was distracted and not getting the point.

With greater enunciation and volume, I tried again, "I just got some text messages sent from this number."


There was recognition in his "oh." Maybe this kid is my culprit.

"The person has the wrong number," I continued.


Damn straight. So far so good.

This is the worst phone number I've ever had. It started with automated messages from a school system to which I had no connection. When I finally got through to an actual person, I had to convince her that I really should be taken off their database. Then came the wrong numbers. Calls of interest from businesses, people confirming or changing plans, typically something that makes me feel badly if I ignore it. Bah.

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