02 January 2017

Books - 2016

Last year I read 59 books.

I'll grant you that there were a lot of graphic novels, but there was also a good dose of nonfiction. GoodReads will say my total is 58 due to a title not on the site but that also means my pages read count probably breaks 11,000.

Click here for a visual representation of My 2016 Books on GoodReads and various stats.

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  1. More than half of mine were graphic novels as well and, to be honest, I feel it's getting old for us GN fans to keep apologizing for it as though they're lesser than word-y books.

    1. I didn't really mean it as an apology, but yeah, you're right. If people don't think they count, eff 'em. Pretty sure even without them I've read more than most (which is sad, but whatevs).