29 August 2015

Turkey and More Turkeys

When I looked out my side window today, I spotted a flock* of turkeys walking through the trees. One large turkey followed by lots of little ones with a couple medium-sized turkeys bringing up the rear. I counted at least 9 or 10, it was hard to keep track with a few little ones walking next to each other.

They were heading out of view, so I switched windows to look at the backyard where another group of turkeys was walking up the garden path towards the first flock. This group had 5 good sized turkeys.

"They're gonna have a rumble!" I exclaimed.

But turkeys aren't jerks it seems as they crossed paths without incident.

Then a lawn mower started next door and I think all the turkeys decided to head further into the woods. I lost them amidst the afternoon shadows which let them blend in more with previous year's old brown fallen leaves.

ETA: About a half hour later, I saw the first flock of turkeys further down the road. They were easier to count when they were crossing the street. 3 hens and 10 little ones, so a grand total of 18 for the day.

*Apparently only a domesticated group of turkeys is called a rafter. The ones I saw were definitely wild turkeys.

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