06 August 2014

Digital Sleuthing

"Come here," Mom said, "Who is this actor?"

I scanned the tv and saw that she was watching an old episode of Law & Order. Mr. Big was watching Lenny question someone through the interrogation room glass.

"Wait a minute," she said. "I want to know who the victim is. ...I mean the suspect."


They were shooting most of the scene from the other side of the interrogation glass so it wasn't a good view. I waited patiently.

Finally there was a better shot though the actor kept his head down for most of the scene. He eventually looked up, but I didn't recognize him. He looked like a guy who had been on Charmed for a season or two, maybe when he was younger?, but that was mostly the hair.

"What's the character's name?" I asked.

"Oh, umm... Danny, I think. I know him from somewhere else."

My gears were clicking through ways to find out the episode name so I could find the actor on IMDb.

"The only guy I'm thinking of was on a show you didn't really watch. I'll try to look it up."

The WEtv logo was on the corner of the screen, so that was a starting point.

I considered and discarded a couple of approaches opting for one that seemed most promising. I googled "WE tv schedule." The page was slow loading, but I was rewarded with an episode title, "Promises to Keep."

I searched it on IMDb and discovered it's 21 years old. I found a Dan in the character list, clicked, and suddenly recognized Frederick Weller from In Plain Sight, a show both my Mom and I had watched.

I relayed the news.

Mom exclaimed, "Yes, that's it. Thank you!"

"What would we do without the internet?"

"I don't know."

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