15 March 2014

The Stack Has To Go

Today as I was reaching into a back corner next to one of my bookshelves with the vacuum hose, I spotted my old thesaurus hiding behind a large book of O'Keeffe paintings. I can get rid of that! I thought to myself enthusiastically.

I've recently been looking for things to weed from my shelves, and I'd forgotten I even still had that thesaurus, so it was a no brainer.

When I vacuum my room, I end up piling a bunch of stuff that lives on the floor on my bed. All too many things, I'm afraid.

Later, as I was putting them back on the floor, I stopped at the last grouping. A box of hanging folders topped by a 2" pile of pages broken into 4 sections indicated by pages sticking out at right angles from the stack.

My writing. Untouched for years. A bit dusty.

On top of the pages was my Stetson holding a ball I've used for abdominal work once.

I set the hat and ball aside and focused my attention on the pages and box of hanging folders. Both need to stop living on my floor.

Surely there is somewhere else the box can live? Maybe I can find some space on the shelves in the next room over.

But the pages. What to do with the writing?

My first thought was flip the pages over and stick them on my recycle stack for printing, but then I noticed I'd already done that on some pages at least.

Find a new home for the stack on a shelf somewhere?

Throw them in my recycling box (one of the other floor things)? Or maybe shred them. Or just tear them maybe? Who's really going to steal my writing from my recycling bin and become rich and famous with it? Most of it's on the blog anyway.

All I know is that I can't look at that stack of stuff on my floor anymore.

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