23 February 2014

Anyone But Me

Though I had heard of the web serie Anyone But Me a couple years ago, I blew off watching it thinking, "I'm too old for another teen drama."

Then I saw one of ABM's actresses, Nicole Pacent, in I Hate Tommy Finch on Tello.

Tello Films "produces and distributes innovative, high-quality web-series with a lesbian focus." Do yourself a favor and subscribe before their rates go up on March 1, 2014. Just $3.99 a month. ($4.99/mo starting in March.)

I Hate Tommy Finch is great. It's "a one-act, two-woman, all-queer play about the roller coaster friendship (and romance) of two girls from ages 8 to 35." The set is barebones and sometimes the sound recording could be better but the story and performances are excellent. After watching I Hate Tommy Finch, I was ready to give Anyone But Me a try.

Holy cow!

Anyone But Me is solid. Great writing, direction, production, performances. Very high quality. I was drawn in right away to this story of young love between two teen girls.

You're never too old for a good story. One that's well executed is even better.

You can watch the series for free on the Anyone But Me site which also has more info and extras. It's powered by Hulu, so there are pre-roll and sometimes mid-roll ads to be endured. Or you can watch the whole series on the Anyone But Me YouTube page. Also free, so no excuses. Or you can support talented artists and buy all 3 seasons on DVD from Amazon.

Episodes are generally around 8 minutes, so it doesn't take that long to get through all 3 seasons.

Or maybe you watched it years ago and we can exchange, "Can you believe that happened? What were they thinking?!" exclamations.

While avoiding spoilers, I'll say that some of my favorite scenes involved guest star Liza Weil. You would probably know her as Paris from the Gilmore Girls (no character similarity at all).

Vivian and Aster are characters I'd like to know when they're 10-15 years older. Which, hey, in a few years their not as young as they play actors will be. :)

Also check out Nicole Pacent in the recently released video for marriage equality, SHE. Great song by Jen Foster!

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