28 June 2013

Life of Art SitRep #177 Topsy! Turvy!

Holy cow, I don't log into Zazzle for several days while I'm doing other things, and when I come back they've completed redesigned the entire site.

Overall this is for the good since it's optimized for mobile devices and looks much sleeker forcing everyone's stores to have a consistent look aside from their designs.

I'm very glad though that I never got super invested in customizing my store front's appearance with CSS as that's all been stripped out. I don't really miss the few alterations I'd made.

The no HTML thing may be troublesome. For the moment, it's OK in product descriptions, but the day it's not, I will have an epic amount of revisions to do.

I stripped the HTML from my store's intro, but it's not showing up for now. They are still working out some kinks.

Also revised my banner to the new size. I may redo it later but at least now it's clickable.

The new design will take me some getting used to. Take a look at the new Rocklawn Arts and tell me what you think.

I did manage to make a few new stickers for my Orange and White Gingham Pattern, Pink and White Gingham Pattern.

Before I got sucked into reading all about the new changes to Zazzle on Thursday, I edited the photographs from my shoot last week. It took longer than I hoped (doesn't it always?), but not as long as I feared it might.

Nothing like editing bulk images to show you what you do over and over. I made several actions and a preset to improve my Photoshop workflow.

When I delivered her photos, she was really happy with them. Huzzah!

This week, I also watched Photoshop Deep Dive: Filters with Lesa Snider, How to Make Money Shooting Microstock with Lesa Snider, and the first 2 hours of 28 Days: Critique with Sue Bryce.

The workshops by Lesa Snider plus another of hers on Photoshop Creative Cloud are replaying for free through the weekend if you're interested on creative LIVE. Lots of great info! I certainly applied a lot of things I've learned about Photoshop and Bridge this week from watching creative LIVE over the years.

How was your week?

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