07 June 2013

Life of Art SitRep #174 Fallow

When I have a week of great productivity, it tends to be followed by one greatly subdued as this one was.

Add to that very disheartening restructuring ahead at Zazzle that helps offset their costs by making it harder for sellers to earn money and you have a cap that has severely dampened my enthusiasm for next week. Argh.

Curious happenstance then that I spent some time working on Rocklawn Arts on Redbubble this week.

I added my Blue Water Abstract Photograph to Redbubble and removed another image.

Made Water photographs and Desert photographs collections and added photos to them.

Figured out how to make iPhone and iPad cases and stickers and downloaded the necessary templates.

Went to a botanical garden and took 356 photographs.

On Zazzle, I made new stickers for Checkered Black and White, Checkered Green and White, Checkered Navy and White, Checkered Rainbow, Checkered Red and White, Christmas Diamond Pattern.

Also made Green Water mustache, tree, wreath wall decals and Blue Abstract man in moon wall decal.
Blue Abstract Room Decals
Blue Abstract Room Decals by RocklawnArts
Browse other Wall Skins at zazzle.com

RA blogged White and Purple Diamond Pattern and Green Water photograph.

Did monthly backups.

How was your week?

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