13 June 2013

A Decade of Movies and Outings

I finished filling out my little pocked sized notebook this week. A decade of movies watched; museums, galleries, gardens, and art fairs visited.

Another little notebook to add to my archive. Pretty sure the previous notebook spans 10 years too. (Ok, just checked and it begins in March 1994.)

I need a new notebook.

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  1. I keep track of this stuff in a little notebook too! I love the pic of the pages. Handwriting is so textured. You should turn it into a Zazzle item. :-)

    1. Good idea! I'm not sure people would care about my movie viewing but handwritten text does have possibilities. What then to write?

      Curiously though my handwriting has gotten worse since 2003, the more current pages in that notebook are quite neat and precise. Things you write for yourself have their own quirks. Just now I noticed that I didn't draw lines over and under my Roman numerals which I always do now. Weird.