08 May 2013


...remember when I was psyched I didn't get roped into hanging my art work?

Be careful what you wish for apparently. My photographs are squeezed into a corner and the artist statement I spent a week revising and formatting is hanging at waist level where no one will read it. Well, I'm hoping some affluent five year olds stop by and like my work. My statement has stickers on it!

On the upside I went to check it out before I got gungho about promoting it. No need to psych myself up to tell the folks I know at the bank about it.

I flipped my business cards over so they are image side up, perhaps they will draw some attention.

I'd hoped for an uptick in sales but have lost my optimism. Feeling very ambivalent about attending the artists' reception. It's all too soon to tell what effect the exhibit will or won't have though.

In the meantime, back to work, time to create something new.

ETA: While writing this post, two different people in the UK bought things from my shop (thank you very much, folks in the UK!). Universe, I know you know that I think everything's pretty random, but I'll take it. Thanks!

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