05 March 2013

Two Takeaways

$3 off 2.

It's a good deal for what I need. Since it's a drugstore coupon, it narrows the field.

I drove to three different branches (not that far apart) only to discover:
A) They don't carry the size I want in a quantity that I could use with their coupon. There isn't even a space on the shelf where it might've been.

B) I do not value my time enough. I could've forgone the coupon at the first store and just bought what I needed in a larger quantity and been done with it. The extra I would've spent would've been less than the cost of the gasoline I expended.

Instead I found myself thinking, Maybe the next branch of the store will have it, I don't need it right now, Maybe there will be a regular coupon for it next Sunday, and ultimately, I bet I could get it for less at Target or Walmart... assuming they have the right size.
At the third drugstore, I was tempted by Red Vines. The 1.5 pound bag was the best deal, but I really didn't want that much since I would eat it all if I had it. I didn't even want the 1 pound bag. They were having a sale on their "movie candy," so I picked up a small box of Red Vines and walked to the counter.

There was no one there, so I looked around and waited a minute. And then another.

I don't really need this. I looked at the box of candy on the counter and considered leaving it there and walking out for a split second. Instead of being inconsiderate, I picked it up and headed back towards where I'd gotten it. Just then, a woman appeared from a side door and said, "Are you all set?"

I turned around to face her and said, "Yeah." I walked back to the counter and fished my rewards card out.

(When I got home, I noticed that even though the box was on sale, the bags were still a *much* better deal. Ah well.)

I drove home the back way in case the ponies and goats were out. The ponies were, as was the blonde labrador who lives further down the road. The chocolate and black labs must've been inside or out of view.

I pondered how little I value my time and started concocting what if doomsday scenarios to beat myself up more. What if during my grand excursion one of my tires blew out on, for example, this out of the way back road?

I could call AAA, but where would I have them tow my car? How much would it cost to fix? Somehow as I was driving just changing the tire didn't seem like an option. My imagination continued...

Sears? They sell tires. But that's in the opposite direction and I just. want. to go. home.

It got a little stressful because I had another ten minutes or so to drive. I tried to keep it cool.

At least I got some Red Vines.

Next time, I'll know to ignore their store coupons for that item.

And, hey, I got a story out of it.

3 years ago on TTaT: Life of Art SitRep #4


  1. More importantly, you got Red Vines out of it. Sugar always cures a frustrating day.

    1. I missed out on the self righteous glory of leaving them behind though. And now I'm craving more Red Vines. Gotta see if they have them at Target. ;)

      I do rely on sugar, but since I don't drink coffee and not much caffeine, something's gotta give. Usually chocolate. :)

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