12 January 2012

Ow, naturally

Felt kind of tired so I decided to skip my usual ~18 minutes of yoga. Figured I'd get some exercise doing laundry instead, even decided to do an extra load for a total of 3. (Accursed winter layers!) I hauled it all downstairs with no problem. While putting in my first load, however, I managed to wrench my lower back something awful.

Like can't bend over anymore without pain awful. I have no idea what triggered it, other than being old and not warmed up; I didn't make any extreme movements or anything. sigh.

I managed a deep knee bend to retrieve the sheets I wanted to put in that load, closed the lid, and eased my way into the kitchen.

Right now, the back of my chair has warmed up a bit which feels pretty nice. Tempted to hit up the chair massager (one of those things they sell at Bed, Bath, & Beyond during the holidays), but I would have to reach the floor to plug it in. Not sure I'm ready for that. Maybe a little later.

2012, I've got my eye on you.

How's your day going? I hope well.

ETA: Naturally I'm wearing my "I do all my own stunts" t-shirt.

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  1. I hate to be the one to say this, but let's admit it: you just really don't want to do laundry, do you?

  2. Sad thing is, I really did. Fortunately I had some help today since I'd already stripped my bed.

    Actually, laundry is the one chore I really don't mind. If I were down by the freezing creek to wash it, sure, I'd look for ways out of it, but with a washing machine? No problem... usually. ;)