09 May 2010

Sketchbook, page 27

(Other pages)

The process of filling a 120 60* page sketchbook by year's end continues:


*So I noticed this week as I was catching up on sketches from last month that I was already halfway through my sketchbook. The label indicating it had 120 pages was referring to both sides of each page. D'oh. I considered continuing with the versos one I reach the end of the book, but I draw fairly hard and can see my sketches through the paper already. So... what to do?

I reckon I'll either pick up another "120 page" sketchbook to fill or just commit to completing another 60 sketches in moleskines, other sketchpads, or wherever. Sound good? Or are you even interested to see me go past 60?

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  1. Keep going until you feel like you're done! I think your sketches have already improved dramatically, and it's awesome to see you so motivated.

  2. Thanks, Voix!

    I'm leaning towards finishing the sketchbook which was always my intention but then perhaps drawing a bit more. I.e., less # of sketches but more detailed. The page quota keeps them necessarily brief, but I enjoy spending more time on certain pictures so not feeling like I have to finish them in 1 day might be a boon. I'll see how it goes.