22 April 2010

Spaztastic! Coming to you live from the realm of reason...

Dear Self,

When you become reticent when people ask you what you're doing, that's your stuff, not theirs.

When you feel flustered and embarrassed by their enthusiasm stemming from your mention of photography, again, all you. You're making assumptions about their expectations when all that really matters is that you know your Thing is a legitimate pursuit.

The flush that sweeps over your cheeks when they ask if you have a studio, what magazines you've published in, or as you describe how your shop works? Still your stuff.

The flustered? Well, that could also be because you're not used to having an answer and you're way out of practice talking to new people. You've set flustered as your default reaction to certain questions because you're assuming all people suck. Not all of them do though, so you might as well embrace a confident attitude. Seems like that might help deflect the naysayers as well, so there's really no reason not to try it.

I know, "Be confident," it's easy to write, but when you believe your pursuit will work, other people will be more likely to as well.

You love what you discover through photography. It's worth doing and worth sharing with others.

Chin up, kiddo. One step at a time. You're probably not nearly as spaztastic as you think you are. ;)


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