11 April 2010

Sketchbook, page 17 + bonus sketch

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The process of filling a 120 page sketchbook by year's end continues:

"p.101 of How to Draw Animals by Jack Hamm"

And bonus sketch:
"Shelves at SuperCuts"

I would've gotten further with my drawing of the shelves at SuperCuts (though I kind of like it as is), but I held off starting because a short woman in her 40s was regaling the hair dressers and other customers with stories from her stripper days, and I didn't want her to think I was writing it down. ...which I am now... Anyway.

Apparently stripping is good money so long as you're not on drugs and avoid prostitution. For the best tips, you want to entertain the unattractive old guys. They've got pensions whereas the better looking young guys have less and aren't really going to get serious about you anyway. Young guys aren't worth the effort.

Both hairdressers said they would strip for money if they had better bodies. The ex-stripper said she would if she still had the body she did when she was in her 20s, but that her husband probably wouldn't like it. Don't remember if she said she quit after they met or before.

A male hairdresser emerged from the back and waxed the ex-strippers eyebrows for her. After she left, he asked if she was the one who'd been talking about stripping.

"Yeah, that was her," another hairdresser said.

"I thought so," he said. "She didn't have any makeup on except for lip liner. Without lipstick. Her lips were perfectly outlined."

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  1. Lip liner tattoo? My grandma has that, believe it or not.

    Love the buffalo sketch!

  2. Ah, no one there thought of a lip liner tattoo, or mentioned it in any case. Could be. Sounds like your grandma's a badass; that's gotta hurt.

    Also, thanks! I really liked how the buffalo turned out too.