26 April 2010

Dear Lego, your sexist policy is appalling!

Over the weekend, my Mom stopped at a Lego store to pick up a trip souvenir for me. When she asked where all of the female Lego figures were, she was told that in times of economic downturn, it's Lego's policy to market exclusively to boys. When the economy is better, then there are more female figures available and they are more prominently displayed.

My 70 year old Mom told the employee, "That's so outdated and sexist. Your policy is appalling!" (Yay Mom.)

When she relayed the tale to me, I said, "That's awful! And I can't believe he just said that to you." Such blatant sexism. No apology, that's just how it is.

When it comes to Lego Star Wars figures, I'll grant you that the Star Wars universe doesn't contain many women. But does your only Lego Star Wars character 3-pack with Princess Leia in it have to be of the character in her slave outfit? Come on! Oh right, you're just marketing to boys.

I'm so disappointed because I love Legos, but a company relying upon and perpetuating gender stereotypes for survival doesn't deserve my business. At least until there's an economic upturn, I guess.

Let me know if you decide to join the rest of us in 2010.

Sincerely dismayed,


  1. That blows! That's a remarkably regressive business practice. Grr.

  2. I wonder if that is really what was going on. That seems like a weird move.

  3. The employee's statement seemed straightforward to me.