11 December 2009

My cold, it's good for this at least

So...the cold: the having of it sucks. It's been kicking my ass the past couple days and nothing I've taken has eliminated my symptoms, perhaps ameliorated them though so maybe it could be worse.

Last night I kept waking up every couple of hours. Around 4 AM, I looked out the window next to my bed. The curtain--just one panel on that window--was mostly shut but I'd left it a few inches open on one side. The sky was so clear, a lush midnight blue, with myriad bright stars. And then a bright shooting star zoomed by with its long trail within the confines of my limited view. It was awesome despite the not being able to breathe.


  1. Every cold has a silver lining, I suppose. Don't get to see too many shooting stars in the city - very cool!

  2. I'm surrounded by tall trees where I live so there's not a lot of open sky to begin with. Even on the occasions I've gone outside to watch meteor showers, it's often been partly cloudy and shy of peak hours. Other times it's so overcast it's not even worth trying.

    This particular shooting star was better than any I've seen in the past several years. That the sky was clear, I was awake and looking out, and that the meteor fell in a path I could see in a 6" strip of unblocked window is an unlikelihood I truly appreciate.

    I am ready for my cold to be done though. ;)

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