13 September 2009

The Silver Moose

When we first drove by, my co-passenger said, "Did you see the moose?"

"No, where?"

"Back in front of that store."

I looked through the rear windshield and caught a glimpse of it between parked cars. "It's silver," I said.

"We can pull in and look at it on our way back."

Having seen a variety of sheep, moose, and hearts made over by artists in various cities over the past several years, I wasn't surprised by the presence of the shiny moose.

However, later, when we pulled up to it and I saw the light pulsing across its eye socket, I exclaimed, "It's a Battlestar Galactica moose!" and then in wondrous recognition, "It's a cylon moose."

Cylon moose head
Cylon moose full shot
Cylon moose MS head
Cylon moose shoulder
Cylon moose leg
The level of detail was quite impressive. If it hadn't been raining, I would've checked it out more thoroughly.

A year ago on TTaT: Nothing she wants


  1. I'm half expecting it to announce, "Drop your weapon. You have five seconds to comply." And then it goes all ED-209 on a hunter's ass.

  2. Robocop, excellent! Although first thing that came to mind when I read your comment was last night's perfect deer crime on Robot Chicken. Silly.

  3. Cheryl: Yes, Spacemoose! Of all the sheep and moose I've seen remade by artists, I think this is my favorite.