04 July 2009

30 years to the day, give or take a year

Claire drinking Coke at a 4th of July parade.
(Click to embiggen.)

Sitting on the curb during a 4th of July parade drinking my beverage of choice at the time: Coke, ah. That was in the days before "New Coke" and "Classic Coke" when it was still the real deal. (Can't really stand the stuff any more.)

As I dug out the envelope of old family photos containing this shot, I discovered that my old VA Tech shirt is actually a hand-me-down from my brother. Figures, but that's another story.

When I looked at the 4th of July photo above more carefully, I thought: Holy frak! I still have that shirt. Then I had a moment of doubt, but I really do have it:
anchor shirt
Long ago, I saved the shirt as something for my favorite bear to wear, but I've never put it on him. It resides in a pink vinyl hat box covered with red drawings of Snoopy's sister and her name, Belle, along with all the Snoopy outfits I collected and some other outfits for stray animals. I still have the shirt because I really like its funky neckline. I'm a packrat, what of it?

Other things I noticed: I'd bet money (so much that my dad wouldn't take the bet although that doesn't actually take much) that's my mom standing behind me in her short shorts holding a coke. I know those hands and knees. Also, that might be my brother with the blue on blue striped shirt down the curb aways.

Two decades or more have probably passed since I last went to a Fourth of July parade, but that's OK by me, because I like to sleep. Chips, dips, and some grillin' and I'm good. Fireworks I can take or leave, but if we do head out, maybe I'll try to take some photos.

However you're spending your 4th, I hope it's lovely!

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  1. I'll take almost any traditional celebration over a parade. I would need a big ol' Coke to get me through one too.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty damn unlikely you'd see me sitting in full sun for a couple hours these days... or even for 10 minutes. Cold Dr Pepper would be key. :)