27 February 2009

Do people actually like Shane?

Just when I've achieved a new layer of discernment in my tv watching that allows me to give up on shows I've watched for years even if nothing else is on, it's become cheaper to have digital cable than not. This means a DVR and hundreds more channels.

One of those is LOGO, so I recorded The L Word. Having never seen an episode before, I'm glad I did because I don't think I could watch it without being able to fastforward. Since it was a rerun, it must've been from an early season but other than that all I can say is it wasn't the pilot. Shane was the only character I knew by name and 'net reputation, but I could mostly follow the soap opera interactions. The actress from The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love still kind of annoys me.

I could stand to watch more of Jennifer Beals who was "meat-tagged" in this episode. And I got a kick out of seeing Cobie Smulders of HIMYM in something else. I could see watching eps based on guest stars. Also some time ago, Jenny of runjenrun wrote about watching The L Word in a bar, and I think I get that now. With communal viewing, the show's sins may be more easily forgiven.

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