28 April 2006

The beast

When I read Kevin's post today, part of #1 (blogs that disappear into oblivion with no warning) struck a nerve. I haven't been posting as much of late.

For the past couple weeks, I've been more in my head than usual, and such times often make blogging feel like keeping the beast at bay. I felt like I was posting for the sake of posting, so I scaled back in an effort to cut myself some slack. It's a just blog afterall, it should be fun.

The usual big life questions are waxing large yet again, and even I am sick of them despite having no answers. In the meantime, there's only two episodes left of Veronica Mars this season, and most other tv shows are winding down as well, or up to their season finales, if you prefer. I tend to feel more creative during the summer, so this is all to the good. Also, I've started playing my guitar again after a long absence, which is also usually a sign of emerging creative impulses. And I feel like making more vlogs- there are just some unforeseen transfer costs I can't justify right now. So perhaps something new... new is good.

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  1. As I said in my comments, the post was not directed at you. But I gotta admit it felt nice to see five new posts from you in Bloglines today.

  2. Kevin: yeah, I knew you weren't really referring to me, but it struck a nerve. I'd say I was projecting, but I don't think the phrasing quite works.

    And yea 5 posts! I don't guarantee that trend will continue apace, but we can hope.