01 July 2008

Nobody's faster than Bruce

Over the weekend, I got to see Enter the Dragon on the big screen with a new live score by Karsh Kale. I'd hoped to see the film outdoors, but it's just as well the weather didn't cooperate since it was really muggy out when it wasn't raining. I was also hoping they'd project film rather than video, but aside from that it was a great show.

Bruce Lee's fighting and fight choreography is stunning. The fight scene that Lee's character's sister has in the movie is amazing and really moving.

Though I've seen much more violent movies, the violence in this film was visceral because it felt more realistic: characters bruise, bleed, and more or less stay down when they get whomped, and no one refrains from hitting someone in the nuts. Probably wouldn't be a bad thing if violence had more realistic consequences in today's movies.

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