01 July 2006

Just like Pinocchio...sort of

Yesterday the futon I've been sleeping on for ages-- in a progressively more shoulder-agonizing fashion -- turned into a real bed. Ok, not so much turned into as replaced by, but I'm stoked nonetheless.

Also beat because to get it into my room, I had to move half the room's contents out and then later back in again. At least I did not have to muscle it up the stairs. In a most ridiculous bit of architectural design, the stairs are to the left of the front door, so that when the door is open, it blocks the stairs. It gets better though because the stairs make a sharp 90 degree turn at its base.

The delivery guys had to take off the front door and even then still left a small dent in the ceiling where they had to shove the box frame around the corner.

I'd forgotten what a hassle putting fitted sheets on could be, but it's well worth it for a non-dented sleeping surface that's also long enough my feet don't hit the end of it if I stretch out.

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  1. Good for you! I'm digging mine.

  2. Yeah, though the women are not beating down my doors. I was doing better with my futon.