10 January 2007

Well, here goes peeps

I'm about to take a stab at installing some more memory in my computer. If I suddenly disappear for some lengthy stretch... something went awry. Cross your fingers.

See you on the other side.

UPDATE: Success! I did end up enlisting some help though. "Press gently" my ass. It's not like it was hard, but the stress it caused made it seem hard. I confess I'm still a bit leery knowing that only 3 screws keep my computer from plunging into my desk. Sometimes it's nicer not knowing how little is holding something together.


  1. I was waiting for...

    UPDATE 2: Everything has turned to dust.

  2. Thanks, M!

    Kevin: LOL.

    I confess I was pretty psyched when it turned on again today. I'm still kinda waiting for that other shoe to drop... :)