23 January 2007

Potentially crazy making

In this case, I refer to Easter eggs, the sort found in DVDs rather than clumps of grass. Honestly, I don't know anyone with the time and patience to try every button combination on every possible menu item on their DVDs. I am particularly awed by the people who found the hidden extra(s) on the 4 disc extended editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy: that's patience and dedication (or some serious OCD). Also, the Dodgeball extra commentaries which are activated by hitting enter each time Ben Stiller snaps his fingers in the movie. Seriously, how does anyone figure that out unless by some fluke accident?

Fortunately though, these people do exist, and they share their finds on the internet. That's the sort of hunting I can do.

More than a third of my DVDs have hidden extras of some sort, so chances are a few of yours have some too. Here's a couple places to look if you're interested:
Easter Egg Archive -alphabetical title listing
DVD Review: Easter Eggs -search by title

Also, don't forget, Veronica Mars is back from hiatus with a new episode tonight at 9!

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  1. Every time you click enter on a finger snap? For real?

    Is it worth the time to try it?

  2. I totally would. There's a full-length director's commentary you can unlock among other things. Here's a listing of where the finger snaps occur.

    Looks like there are more e.eggs on the disc here.

  3. for a girl with ocd, i sure don't direct it towards that. thank god others do the work for us!

  4. So true, Sizz. I engage in my own share of ocd behavior, but I feel better knowing I didn't sort through the thousand-plus button combinations on the lord of the rings dvds. Of course, I'm still grateful to those who did and posted their discoveries. :)