01 January 2007

I like me some angles

What sex is your brain?

This is a cool quiz on the BBC's Science & Nature site that I saw over at 2Blowhards. My brain is dead center on the continuum which doesn't surprise me. What's cool is seeing how the various sub-categories shake out. Despite an overall middle score, there were a few sections I rocked out in opposing directions (like angles and words); they must've balanced each other out.

The results come with links to more info about the science behind the original study.

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  1. Apparently I'm not an angle type.. (Besides, I read that as "angels" which I thought was peculiar in a science test..) And even though my score varied I'm still mostly female.. Nice to start out the new year having established that, at least ;)

    Happy new year!!

  2. I scored smack down the middle too. For angles, I scored 19/20 - very male brain here, but I went the opposite direction on other tasks.
    This was quite fun, thanks for having shared it!

  3. Scholiast: that's funny, I do those sorts of misreads on certain things too. Happy new year!

    Elisabeth: I got 19/20 on the angles too. Great minds... glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I fell precisely in the middle, too. Right on the zero!

  5. Middle female, but when I scored male on something it was above the average male percentile. When I'm girly I'm girly, but when I'm manly, hide the shot gun!

  6. Melissa, that's precisely what I find so cool about it, that there's room for what might seem to be inconsistent.