28 July 2006

In mind

Maybe it's lame to write about what I'm thinking about writing about, but I'm hoping it'll make me feel a bit more committed to undertaking the project. So... if I can get a bit sparked up, I'm going to retrace one of my cross-country trips.

I've driven it a few times, and it's during these trips that I've most wished I had a laptop. During the courses of the trips, I often feel like writing, jot down notes for later thinking I'll write it up post-trip, but I never get to it. It's like I missed a window of inspiration specific to those experiences. Nonetheless, I want to take a crack at it.

The hardest part will be deciphering all the notes I took while driving; since I kept my eyes on the road, they're even messier than my usual handwriting. Anyway, if all the writing falls apart, at least there are copious pictures to make up the difference.

If this is something you'd like to read/see, don't let me off the hook.

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  1. If you're writing about thinking about writing then you should find this interesting... I'm thinking about the next week in which I will not be writing. And I've written quite a bit about it, as you know.

    How are we for polar opposites, eh? ;-)

  2. I used a little digital voice recorder on my trip to "jot" down notes for me so that I could remember them later when properly situated before a computer. Worked nicely, except I still had to stop in order to record these notes, but that was because I was on a motorcycle

  3. Kev: That's pretty good. Maybe I'll take your cue and let this be the start of a whole series of posts about wanting to write something while not actually doing it. ;)

    Dan: Sounds like you need a helmet with a built-in recorder. Someone must make that. Congrats on actually writing later- that's the hard part for me.

  4. Hey 'other Claire' sounds good - I'll look forward to checking back!