09 July 2006

I know that ass

A day from July 2002:

So there I was in Vinyl Fever. I've well avoided music stores for a long time now as they're suckers of money, but under the guise of looking for a gift, I felt justified. Besides, Vinyl Fever is the type of local business you want to see drown its mass chain competitors.

No matter that I drifted towards the CDs I wanted first.

Pleasant music, not too loud. High ceilings. Incense I cruised quickly past near the door. Band posters all over and up the walls. New CDs, used CDs, economy CDs, albums, DVDs, rows upon rows.

After choosing one I wanted, I settled into browsing mode. Clearly there were regulars present. Along the used aisle my pace did not compete with their rapid click, click, click while they flipped through CDs. I found the sound reassuring.

Back at the rock/pop CDs by the front wall, I noticed a sign stating that all the posters were for sale. I looked at a few and then headed over to the new jazz. They didn't have the one I had really intended to buy, so I wandered a bit and then went back to the used soundtracks.

That's when I looked up at the wall again. And that's when I laughed out loud: I know that ass. There 3'x5', bigger than life, was TB's ass - a.k.a. the cover for The Strokes' album, "Is this it."

TB and I had gone to the same college, shared a class or two, and had worked on some films together with mutual friends. I heard about the cover from a friend who was teaching at my alma mater when TB was brought in as a guest speaker. I'd seen the image online before, but it was nothing like the impact of seeing her ass as a 5 foot tall poster.

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  1. lol! This is a good one!
    BTW, have you head Raul Midon. He's an american singer I think and he's real real good from what i've heard. The album is "State of Mind"


  2. Fitena: Thanks. The little screen image really doesn't do it justice.

    And no, I don't think I have heard Raul Midon. I'll see if they have any clips by him at iTunes.

    Sizz: Not bad at all.

  3. That's a famous ass! How funny that you know it.

    I had a similar experience looking through a jukebox once and seeing my friend Simi staring back at me from the cover of Cornershop's When I Was Born For The 7th Time album.

  4. Jason: Totally! It's kind of cool in a strange way.