14 July 2006

Chair hazard

Recently, I dusted my desktop, going to the extra effort of actually moving stuff on top of it. Today I rue my thoroughness.

To protect the floor, my rolling chair rests on a low-pile rug. A couple of weeks ago, my dad rearranged the office so my chair is now on a different rug that has a wee bit more give to it. This means that sometimes my chair is reluctant to roll.

This afternoon was such a time. I grabbed the edge of my desk for a bit of leverage and pulled myself forward, slamming my right knee into the desk just missing the recess. I had shifted my monitor and keyboard a bit to the right, skewing my alignment with the opening underneath.


I didn't yelp or exclaim but rather muttered breathlessly at the pain. Why must it always be my right knee? It's no wonder it's reluctant to heal. Ggggrrrr. Time for more ice.

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  1. Oh yeah, been there, done that. Don't ever want to again, but I know I will.

  2. As soon as I pulled all the wheels broke free. Couldn't believe I'd done something so stupid. I'm all careful now, but I'm sure that will fade and I'll do it again at some point too.